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What we do

We build an advanced Artificial Intelligence brain, we train it to feel human and then we let it manage our financials, so we won't have to.

What we offer


    High achievers, serial Entrepreneurs, awarded scientists and quants, dedicated to changing the world.


    Remote stations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Greece, Cyprus and probably on a plane/train/kayak. Soon at a coffee place near you.

  • NO 9 TO 5

    AgentRisk is online 24/7, covering all timezones. You can schedule your day to manage personal errands, log-in whenever you want and work whenever you want.


    Learn how to construct portfolios, trade thousands of dollars, build automated systems for algorithmic trading and play with the latest development in A.I.

Open Positions

  • Backend Engineer

    You will be working on building highly scalable systems for automatic trade execution, customer reporting and on-boarding processes. You need to have at least 2 years of experience in Python and proven knowledge of ReactJS.

  • Cryprocurrency Engineer

    You will be working closely with our Chief Compliance Officer in order to create contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. You need to have proven knowledge of building contracts on the public Ethereum blockchain.

  • Financial Analyst

    You will be feeding "The Machine" data and reports on a weekly basis, helping us refine our strategies. You need to have knowledge of Python or R and have a Series 65 certification (if you don't, we will sponsor it). Proven knowledge on options trading for at least 2 years.

  • Algotrading Engineer

    You will be working on optimizing our backtesting and automatic trading infrastructure. You need to have at least 2 years of experience in Python and proven knowledge of algotrading or building automated systems.

Build advanced technologies with a tight-knit team from all around the world