The King is dead, long live the King

We started AgentRisk in 2015 and we kicked ass for almost 6 years in a row. And by kicking ass, we really mean it.

Almost 17% return every year on average across our portfolios and a 30% return in 2020.
But enough with flexing 💪.

AgentRisk was never a traditional advisor. AgentRisk wasn't even a traditional robo-advisor. With license to operate in the US and 32 European countries and fully quantitative portfolios and option strategies, we were "different". We were the black duck of the fintech space that had a fetish with cryptocurrencies and crazy returns.

Building transformative technology only for the wealthy (and ultra wealthy) is soul crashing. Add on top of it regulations (that are not followed by bigger companies) and you have the worst environment to foster change.

But enough with the past. Let's talk about the future.

AgentRisk will restart as the most advanced platform in the world for DIY investors with no $300k minimum accounts, available in all countries, featuring the next generation of our algorithms, integration with your cryptowallets,NFTs and a huge community of investors.

Thank you for being part of our mission. Time to change everything.

Jon V, Founder