It’s been almost a year and a half since since I wrote about My Portfolio: Stocks, Peer-to-Peer Lending, Crypto, and more, so I decided it was time to write a bit about my portfolio and the decision process behind it again.

I am a professional investor and (algo)trader with a highly technical background so don’t take this as financial advice. If you want financial advice, go and book an appointment here and we’ll sit down together and build a brand new portfolio for you together while explaining everything during the process.

Let’s jump into it.

1/ Equities

My growth portfolio behaved pretty well during the market volatility. I collected a good amount of tax harvesting that I will use to offset capital gains from Startups and Real Estate - more about that in a bit.

Things that are interesting:

1/ I have almost zero cash in this account. Everything gets reinvested but not automatically. Every three months, any cash that is left in the account (like dividends) is allocated to perform a small rebalancing. Well-balanced portfolios perform better.

2/ I have CMF which is an ETF for municipal bonds for California. That means I pay zero state and federal taxes on the dividends. I am obsessed with tax optimization.

3/ I don’t have a lot of Gold anymore. I had it until it went pretty high and then the algorithms at AgentRisk decided it is time to ditch it for SPY. I remember the majority of investors avoiding Gold the last two years. Too bad for them.

The reason Gold was removed from my portfolio is because it was used as an uncorrelated asset for SPY. When SPY was going down, Gold was going up. And vice-verca. But it seemed that for a while SPY and Gold had the same risk characteristics and it was flagged for removal.

4/ I remember every single investor on the Internet saying that VNQ is going to drop because commercial Real Estate is going to drop. Coffee shops are closed. Co-working spaces are out!

VNQ is up 30% from when these discussions started. Why? If you look the allocation of VNQ, it will all make sense.

2/ Cryptocurrencies

I have no idea how I got BCH. As you probably know, I am a huge supporter of Ethereum and it was the second time in my life that a venture produced a seven-digit result (the first was selling my Startup).

95% of Ethereum I have left is still in DAI (now SAI). 30% is cash. I have $50k in Ethereum in case I need to add more into my CDP.

I still have BAT and Turtle but I am not using them at all.

I have BTC (less than $5k) to try any new features but BTC is a huge scam as I said many times in the past.

3/ Startups

Three of the Startups I have invested in in 2020 are kicking ass. Seriously. I got lucky.

One shutdown.

Four Startups that I have invested in in the past are doing “ok”.

One Startup that I invested in three years ago is almost in Alexa Top 10. This was not a lucky choice.

The Startups from the European VC I invested in some times ago seem to be doing ok.

It has been a tough season for Startups so “ok” is “pretty awesome” in my book.

5/ Peer-to-peer lending

My Lending Club portfolio had losses during the Covid-19. Obviously. Before that I was seeing 12% per year but running an algorithm for $50k was a mess. I had started moving assets to SPY beginning of January.

6/ Cash

It is vital to have money set aside for a rainy day. I use Marcus for CDs and savings account.

7/ Individual stocks

Still own Nintendo (they are killing it!), LINE (positive at last!), Tesla (almost $1000), Splunk (almost $200), and Alphabet as individual stocks. I also own PTON and BYND.

These stocks make up less than 3% of my net-worth and I like the companies long term. Thankfully none of them crashed and burnt (I am looking at you Tesla).

8/ Real Estate

I am invested in a Real Estate fund but I cannot disclose more information at the moment. Pretty good returns if you are a partner (15%-20%). It seems like a lot of work and I like things I can put in auto-pilot and make money while I build cool stuff. It is good for diversification.

9/ My Distillery

I am a very early investor in the best Distillery in Salt Lake City (Dented Brick) and they are doing exceptionally well. My reasoning behind this investment was that I knew and trusted the team and alcohol is amazing for diversification (economy goes down, people start drinking).

10/ My own company

As I said last time:

It is critical of course to consider your company part of your portfolio and minimize any other risky investments.

AgentRisk is alive and well, having two new products and AT LAST being able to offer our services to people that want help building and managing their financial life.

What is your portfolio comprised of? Is it balanced? Do you own tons of stocks?

If I can help in any way, feel free to reach out @jonromero.

-- Jon V