What makes us unique

We combine option strategies and Machine Learning with friendly, straight-to-the point support.

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Algorithmic dividends

AgentRisk Boost

Whenever the markets are volatile The Machine deploys complex strategies to generate more returns, using your existing assets. We call these returns Algorithmic dividends.

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Short-time protection

AgentRisk Shield

Using option strategies and complex algorithms from hedge funds, The Machine reduces volatility and protects your portfolio from upcoming financial events.

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Get your money fast

1-day liquidation

You will always have access to your money whenever you want. We liquidate your assets in one day, no questions asked (except verifying your identify).

Save on Taxes

Tax harvesting

Now that we even have your stocks generating algorithmic dividends how about we generate some tax credits?

We sell assets that went down so you can collect a tax credit while we buy a similar asset at that lower price.

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