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What you can see and change on your dashboard.

Your dashboard

How can I see my portfolio analysis and returns? You can check all your portfolio details anytime via our website or mobile app. Your portfolio’s performance and breakdown are updated daily and clearly presented to offer you a full overview in a glance. Click here to view your portfolio details.

How often will my portfolio be updated? AgentRisk typically readjusts portfolios every month and whenever circumstances like elections, market volatility or changes in your financial profiles call for an update!

How can I change my login details? If you wish to reset your password please click here and follow the instructions you will receive on the email address associated with your AgentRisk account.

I have questions about my Interactive Brokers account dashboard If you have any questions regarding your Interactive Brokers account and dashboard, please contact Interactive Brokers on the contact details mentioned on their website. Kindly note that we do not have access to your Interactive Brokers account.

How can I update my profile? If there are any changes in your financial profile, goals or risk appetite please contact us at support@agentrisk.com.

How can I see which strategy is applied to my portfolio? Simply log into your dashboard for an easy view of your portfolio details, including which strategy is currently applied to it.

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It is been more than a year since I wrote and published the algorithm for algotrading on Ethereum and it is unsettling how much the whole space has evolved while the investors remain pretty much clueless still, a fact for which I blame the financial industry 100%.

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How to LOVE market turmoil when everybody else is freaking out
Somewhere around the end of January 2018 the market started “crashing”. To make matters worse, the crypto-markets also started crashing, so there was no place to hide and lick your wounds. Even the websites of some fintech startups started crashing.

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