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How much does AgentRisk charge for its service? What does the fee include? AgentRisk charges a monthly advisory fee based on an annual fee rate of 1% which includes trading and inactivity fees. The only other fee you incur is the very low fee embedded in the cost of the ETFs you will own that averages 0.12%.

Are there exit fees due or a lockdown period if I choose to close my AgentRisk account? There are no exit fees or a lockdown period imposed. You can close your AgentRisk account anytime, no strings attached.

What is the minimum amount required to invest with AgentRisk? Our account minimum is $50,000, which entitles you to an actively managed, diversified portfolio of low cost index funds enhanced with our proprietary option overlay and tax-loss harvesting strategies.

Are there custodial fees associated with accounts? No, there are no fees associated with the Interactive Brokers that we automatically create for you.

Will I need to incur any trading commissions? You will not need to pay any commissions on trades made on your behalf by AgentRisk.

How do you collect fees? Our fees are automatically collected every month directly from your custodial account by Interactive Brokers.

Can I transfer a portion of an existing brokerage account to AgentRisk? Yes you can transfer all or part of your account from most brokerage firms, through a fully electronic process. Please contact support@agentrisk.com for more details.

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